Calvary Bible Class

2 H 2017 Schedule

Our Adult Bible Classes are committed to study the Word fo God together book by book, with classes using 3 different materials which are suitable for people at different stage of their spiritual journey.


ETB ~Explore The Bible~

Bible book studies with Lifeway Baptist Bible Book study materials. Study the whole Bible in 8 years.

PUP ~Precept Upon Precept~

Dig deeper into God's Word with this in-depth precept Inductive Bible study. Be prepared to put in 5-6 hours weekly to study God's Word.

FM ~Foundation Modules~

Foundational classses on the basics of the Christain life and various aspects of Christian living: worship & prayer, Bible study, evangelism, felloship.



10.00 am Chew Kim Yong PUP - Precept Room B-01
10.00 am Janet Lim ETB Room #02-01



9.00am Charlie Lee ETB - Lifeway Room 02-02
9.30am (3 July) Seet Lee Ling Bible Study for YA Room 02-06
8.45am & 11.15am Jenny Tan, Connie Ng, Shirlyn Seto, Yew Wai See, June Thomas, Loh Soo Noi Filipina / Myanmar / Indonesian Ladies* BS CBK Office
11.15am Leong Chun Nam ETB - Lifeway Room B-01
11am Leong Chun Chong PUP - Precept Room 02-02

*Basic Discipleship materials

Teaching the word of god for the calvarian to grow towards spiritual maturity and be equipped for service to God (2 Tim 2:15, Eph. 4:11-13)


Dates (Sat/Sun)Explore The Bible(ETB)Precept Upon Precept(PUP) - SatPrecept Upon Precept(PUP) - Sun
24/25-Jun Overview of Psalms PUP Introduction PUP Introduction
1/2-Jul The Path (Ps. 1:1-6) Acts Part 2/L8 Acts Part 2/L7
8/9 Jul The Shepherd (Ps 23:1-6) Galatians L1 Acts Part 2/L8
15/16-Jul His Presence (Ps. 84:1-12) Galatians L2 Galatians L1
22/23-Jul The Creator (Ps.95:1-11) Galatians L3 Galatians L2
29/30-Jul God Revealed (Ps.19:1-14) Galatians L4 Galatians L3
5/6-Aug His Love (Ps136:1-5,10-5;23 26) Galatians L5 Break - National Day
12/13-Aug The Confession(Ps.51:1-17) Galatians L6 Galatians L4
19/20-Aug The Cleansing (Ps32:1-11) Galatians L7 Galatians L5
26/27-Aug The Protector (Ps141:1-10) No Lesson Galatians L6
2/3-Sep Break – School Holidays Break – School Holidays Galatians L7
10-Sep Exodus/Leviticus Overview Leviticus L1 Retreat Optional Date
16/17-Sep Reluctance
Leviticus L2 Break – School Holidays
23/24-Sep Confrontation (Ex. 7:1-13) Leviticus L3 Leviticus L1
30Sep/1Oct Liberation (Ex. 12:1-13) Leviticus L4 Leviticus L2
7/8-Oct Victory (Ex. 14:13-18) Leviticus L5 Leviticus L3
14/15-Oct Sufficient (Ex.16:1-5,11-20) Leviticus L6 Leviticus L4
21/22-Oct Leviticus 1:3-9;2:1-3;3:1-5 Leviticus L7 Leviticus L5
28/29-Oct Leviticus 9:15-24;10:1-3 TBA Leviticus L6
4/5-Nov Leviticus 16:3-10,29-30 TBA TBA
11/12-Nov Leviticus 26:3-16,40-45 TBA TBA
18/19-Nov Break - School Holidays TBA TBA
Till 31-Dec Break - School Holidays Break - School Holidays Break - School Holidays
31-Dec Break - School Holidays Break - School Holidays Break - School Holidays